Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Jacques de Beaufort: new work

Fortune tellersmall Jacques de Beaufort Mistress of Pythia

Jacques de Beaufort: new work

Regina Jacques de Beaufort Regina

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Art by Musicians

UNIT 1 presents:
Art by Musicians
7:00pm-10:00pm September 27, 2014

Lake Worth exhibition space UNIT 1 is pleased to announce Art by Musicans, an exciting show of painting, drawing, photography and sculpture by some of the areas most accomplished musicians. In case you hadn’t noticed, and despite occasional reports to the contrary, South Florida is a Music Lovers MOTHERFUCKING PARADISE. Americana Rockabilly? We got it. Sludge-Gaze Indie-Psych? Yep. Downtown Soul? Check. And, if you are willing to drive a few miles, you can see a band of national quality just about EVERY MOTHERFUCKING NIGHT. That being said, despite reports to the contrary, we do in fact live on an Island, not a Peninsula, and because of a 14 hour round-trip in-and-out of our music infested swamplands, most people on the mainland remain unaware of the high quality of sound down here. The management at UNIT1 has found their lives personally enriched by the abundant generosity, friendship, and camaraderie of the various characters that inhabit the this aural eco-system, and in the spirit of radical experimentation, and….because…what the fuck, why not?- we are inviting rabble rousers of various established local acts to display their efforts in other media.

Some of these musicians have impressive track records as visual artists already (Adam Sheetz, Kyle Smile, Mathew Krug, Kimmy Drake), some are emerging talents just beginning to get their art on (Ates Isildak, David Barnard), and a lot of them we have absolutely no idea if they can even draw a stick figure (Mick Swigert). But that’s ok-what is interesting here is watching how talent in one area translates or mistranslates to another. I fully expect half of this show to suck ass. Polished musicians are celebrated and revered in this music loving scene, they get a little cocky, and deservedly so. However, the willingness to try something new, the vulnerability of that exploration, and the general spirit of creativity is what will make this show one you don’t want to miss. I’m also very interested in the idea of getting all these great musicians together in one place within the context of Art, away from the din and dark of the clubs and bars. Lets get these dirty rockers some Culture.

So come one, come all, check out artwork by your favorite local celebrity, buy stuff, get your ass-cheek signed. You won’t regret it.

Director UNIT1 exhibitions

Adam Sheetz (The Darling Sweets)
Alan Najarian (Blue Sky Wire)
Ates Isildak (band in heaven)
Ben Pachter (Montage)
Billy Schmidt (Raggy Monster, Whisky Wasps)
Britney Tyler Larevitzear (Sweet Bronco, Psymatics)
Craig McInnis (Speaking Volumes)
Dan Potvin (Symbols)
David Barnard (Sweet Bronoco, Celebrator)
David Gurr (Sound Palace)
Frank Gonzalez-Corr
Hunter Hutchings (Spred the Dub)
Ian Lutz (Sunny DVilles)
Iiro Maki (Mykal Morrison Band, Hard Richards)
Jason Joshua Hernandez-Rodriguez (Ketchy Shuby)
Jeremy Runge
JJ Contramus (Symbols)
Kimmy Drake (Beach Day)
Kyle Smile
Lauren Dwyer Richters (band in Heaven, Symbols)
Matthew Krug (Hard Richards)
Michael Sergio Basso (Smith Sundy)
Mick Swigert (Spred the Dub)
Miguel Santamaria
Oz Del Castillo (The Darling Sweets)
Rawlin Zybach (Smith Sundy)
Rob Kingsley (Killmama)
Sophie Sputnik (Killmama)

UNIT 1 is an exhibition space and independent media production company founded by Jacques de Beaufort. The gallery showcases artists in all media working in challenging forms that exist somewhere near the EDGE or beyond it. The space also hosts special events, film screenings, performances, and happenings driven by UNIT 1 participants and friends.

The gallery is open only during events and by appointment.

For more information visit and like Unit 1 on Facebook at

Contact: Jacques de Beaufort

Monday, September 01, 2014

Thursday, August 28, 2014

the Band in Heaven: Dandelion Wine ALTERNATE VERSION

the band in Heaven - "Dandelion Wine" ALTERNATE VERSION from ∆∆∆ on Vimeo.

previously unreleased ALTERNATE VERSION of the video I did with my good friends in the Bnad in Heaven

upcoming show at Paul Fisher Gallery

10544238_950693551624391_4546418323443504374_o FACES and FIGURES
 Paul Fisher Gallery

Jacques de Beaufort: new work

 Jacques de Beaufort 
new drawing: Christina