Thursday, October 05, 2006


About 20 miles west of the Manson Family Ranch is a small desert town called Trona. Signs on the approaching highway say something like "The End of the World-10miles, Trona-15miles." So as I was riding the exercise bike in the Cypress College weightroom yesterday while reading the LA Times article on said town, it occured to me that "Trona" would make an excellent title for a painting. Today I finished the first of what will be an unusual series of paintings of faces, or face-like paintings, and so I played matchmaker. As with most of my work, the title signifies very little about what you will see within the picture, but there is generally a backstory on what the title actually there it is.

I also think "Trona" would be a great title for a Sci-Fi movie, maybe one starring Crispin Glover, about humanoid apes and time-travel or something.

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