Saturday, February 17, 2007

Satoshi Sakamoto

In the Serious Artworld of International Fairs and Biennales...the word "Visionary" seems to have the pejorative stink of unsophistication. Many artists carrying this torch admitedly deal in a currency of formula and cliche (or maybe the word is "kitsch")..but I feel like it would be unfair to dispense wholesale artists who are inspired by the fantastic. Artists such as Satoshi Sakamoto seem unconcerened with the self-conscious ironies of paintings recent history..and more energized by the fertile fields of their own imagination. I would also list Alex Grey, Joe Coleman, and Paul Laffolley as a few of the luminaries in this field who's work might be able to appear comfortably in both Juxtapoz, Art in America....and maybe in a not so far fetched future...Artforum. Not that any of this matters to these artists, who seem enthralled enough with their own muses.

It's great to look at art that isn't too cool for you.

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