Sunday, March 18, 2007



toe to toe said...

jacques, you're amazing.
you know it.
they know it.
enough said.

Steven LaRose said...

It might simply be the background color you chose for your blog. Mine is white and everyone thinks I'm happy. It kind of pisses me off. But fuck'em. Personally, I find it a great challange to find the funny, cool, and beautiful. Maybe even a responsibility.

Jacques de Beaufort said...

I haven't recieved that postcard yet. Hope it didn't get lost in the mail. Maybe the mailman liked it.

Life is funny. It's funny that anything is even anything at all. I'm glad to be me. And I'm glad you are you. Soon we will be swallowed up again by the universe and new people will emerge. Gotta find the good while we are here.

Speaking of which time for some delicious coffee and late brunch. Hooray for Little Tokyo! Hooray for Steven Larose ! Hooray for Darkness!

Jacques de Beaufort said...

The Byrds - Don't Make Waves Lyrics

If you're looking to get a good thing going for yourself
House and pool a new rolls royce and some degree of wealth
Don't make waves don't make waves don't make waves
Take a ride out west to find that freedom that you crave
Kick that nine to five dont let them make you a slave
Don't make waves don't make waves don't makes waves
And when the toys that you dreamed of have finally come
They all will break and you're back where you started from
Malibou is calling you
With days and nights so warm
You can find excitement any size shape or form
Don't make waves don't make waves waves don't make waves

Steven LaRose said...

no postcard yet?
chris jagers got his, and they were mailed on the same day. Keep me posted... I can always make another one, and different one. In fact, I'll do that tonight, gauranteed if I make another and put it the mail, the other one will show up.

I laughed so hard at your new pink blog attitude that my wife, daughter, and dog came racing into the room wondering what was going on. I tried to explain. . . . I think the dog got it.

I've got absolutely nothing to say about no longer writing (except for that, of course).