Wednesday, July 11, 2007

one more WTF

I must apologize that my blog is just slowly becoming a backwash of boingboing video clips due to my laziness and general apathy towards the obligations and grave responsibility that authoring a proper blog requires. I will rectify my slovenly blogging practices and post more exciting human interest posts as soon as my mortgage loan is accepted and I am able to purchase an expansive and elegant Spanish style villa in Tossa del Mar within water balloon range of Dennis Hollingsworth's dumpy cottage. There I will entertain a select and hand picked group of the international ultra-hip cultural elite and we will laze about in the mojito afternoons talking about ArtBasel after-parties and generally arbitrate all matters that concern cognescenti like us. Weekends will be spent snorkeling in Ibiza and Dennis won't be allowed to come. Now that would be CONTENT!!

1 comment:

Steven LaRose said...

We've got a plastic kiddy pool and some cans of Fosters. You're more then welcome to come over to our house.