Monday, July 16, 2007


il furioso


Steven LaRose said...

ok. . .

fess up!

what am I looking at?

It is more than a 72dpi collage right?

because, if you are making paintings that look like my screen. . .

I will have to pull off my glove and slap you across the face and challenge you to a duet.

Is there any venue out there that will accept the results of my challenge?

Steven LaRose said...

Hah. . .
That "comment" made me laugh this morning. I guess I never realized that "duet" and "duel" were so close.

I do mean that a future might be made of exhibitions of couples. Not group shows, not solo, but two people hanging their work together.

Jacques de Beaufort said...

I ran into your art dealer on the subway just now..yeah people do actually take it in LA


those are paintings by Tintoretto..I only wish I was such hotshit.

but you can duel him I guess...though you'd probably lose..but nearly anyone would

Steven LaRose said...

I will start calling Kristi my "dealer" the moment something is dealt. Right now, I think of her as a gracious hostess.

I don't know why I couldn't believe that those paintings were old. They appeared so collaged. The figures and the architecture are incongruous. They seem to reinforce the separate worlds.

The colors are not my taste, also putting me on edge. It is like looking at a squished snail, grotesque and beautiful. . .
I guess that is "sublime" huh

Interesting that in my late night stuper, I was certain that you had created these. That is a compliment.

I saw some connection to my ink drawings in the tendril-like feeling and macro-micro focus flip these paintings have.