Saturday, August 04, 2007


Listening to Donovan songs uploading Zardoz screenshots, and reading Rousseau:

It is difficult for one to whom the state has been sold not to sell it in his turn, and recover from the weak the gold which the strong have extorted from him. Sooner or later, under such an administration everything becomes venal; and the peace which is then enjoyed under kings is worse than the disturbances of interregnums.

... [T]he greatest good of all, which ought to be the goal of every system of law, ... comes down to two main objects: freedom and equality: freedom because any individual dependence means that much strength withdrawn from the body or the state, and equally because freedom cannot survive without it. I have already explained what civil freedom is; as for equality, this word must not be taken to imply that degrees of power and wealth should be absolutely the same for all ... no citizen shall be rich enough to buy another and none so poor as to be forced to sell himself ...

To renounce freedom is to renounce one's humanity, one's rights as a man and equally one's duties. There is no quid pro quo for one who renounces everything ... if you take away all freedom of the will, you strip a man's actions of all moral significance.

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