Thursday, October 25, 2007

I Ching

Shêng, Pushing Upward
Is the hexagram that I received from the Book of is an interpretation:
The image of Oppression changes in today’s Reading into the image of Pushing Upward. This tells you that you WILL succeed in moving onward and upward from the place of suffering in which you have been mired for so long. In one of the verses associated with this image, the oracle says, “The king offers him Mount Ch’i. Good fortune. No blame.” Mount Ch’i was the sacred home of the ancestors in Chinese lore. It was the highest conceivable honor to be granted a place on Mount Ch’i. Persevere, then, through this time of pain, doubt, and uncertainty. You cannot fail to transcend these trials, and come ultimately to a sublime success. In the process you will honor the best qualities within you, and those qualities will be recognized by others as well.

Michelle got the weirdest one..6 straight lines...or Ch'ien, The Creative:
The image of The Creative opens the full sequence of sixty-four images that comprise the I Ching Oracle in its entirety. It sometimes goes by the alternate name of “Heaven,” and it describes the full expression of an element, or a kind of energy, or a category of thought, if you will, that the Chinese refer to as “Yang.” In the philosophical perspective of the I Ching Oracle, which itself is the foundation of practically all of traditional Chinese scientific, religious, and philosophical life, the Yang element is complimentary to the “Yin” element, which is described in the I Ching Oracle through the image of The Receptive, also called Earth. If you know anything about modern physics, Yang is the equivalent of the wave aspect of reality that is complimentary to the Yin, or particle, aspect of reality. Science in the 19th Century, Newtonian science, seemed sometimes to come at odds with religion, or metaphysics, because it acknowledged only the particle aspect of reality, the atoms that supposedly were made of real stuff – hard, cold, opaque, impenetrable, inevitable, stuff. In our own time, after Einstein, scientists have come to acknowledge that there is also something that is ineffable, invisible, weightless and massless, transparent, and essentially inexplicable in the elemental nature of things. This is the wave, the ultimate reality that they hope some day to encompass in the mathematical equations of some as yet to be devised Grand Unified Wave Theory. The Chinese simply called it The Creative, and they viewed it as being something like what we conceive of as God – that is to say, something that has a creative power that initiates the life of all things in the Universe. This primal effectiveness of Divine Creative Power is what you may expect to be working with you to support your every endeavor during the year. Now that’s a momentous judgment to receive from the in Ching Oracle, isn’t it?

Wow dude! Score Michelle!

Call me and I'll do your reading...if you dare, some of them are pretty f-ed up...I think we got way lucky. :)


Jacques de Beaufort said...

so basically Michelle is GOD

I always knew she was a special gal

To said...

I would like to be greeted as 'your holiness' from now on please!

Just kidding.

I'll post up some pictures soon.. I'll talk you later

Jacques de Beaufort said...

uh oh...I smell spiritual hubris