Thursday, January 31, 2008

Not as I do

Steven LaRose is on the video tip man.

It's really convenient that he chose Francis Bacon as his first subject for video montage because in an ongoing debate with my mother that has lasted for about 10 years over the virtues or lack thereof of "darkness" in art- in which she has finally offered some ground from her position, which has heretofore been stated more or less as "your art is scary, Jacques...people don't wan't to be scared..they already are", because of a recent trip to the theatre in which she watched the Daniel Day-Lewis vehicle "There Will Be Blood", and was commenting to me how moving it was and also had to admit that, yes, it was quite dark and scary,and after this admission I additionally pointed out that darkness has a long history in painting, take for example Francis Bacon, who she said she was unfamiliar with, so if nothing else Mom if you're reading this, this is that guy, and probably the music makes it a little more creepy than it actually is, but you get my point about art that can be great while still being scary.

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Steven LaRose said...

classic =
Your "creepy"
was my "beauty"