Tuesday, January 22, 2008


..never knew I had such a "following" in what looks like Kansas. Or London for that matter. I'm assuming this statistical map is largely a products of blind blogger stumbling. Nevertheless, I will not rest until I have broken ground in Siberia and Africa...Nigerian scam artists come and git it. A little more Polynesian action would be nice too...


Steven LaRose said...

If my southern oregon dot is only yay big, I bet the midwest dot is Helquin. . . but that is only a guess.

Anonymous said...

Jacques, just wanted to let you know that Andy, your old suitemate is reading (and enjoying!) your blog from Hawaii, of all places.

Jacques de Beaufort said...

Andrew K Smith what the fuck are you doing in Hawaii ?

Last time I checked you were a Master of the Universe raking in Hedge Fund slush trickle down or somesuch abstract financial vocation that I couldn't even begin to comprehend.

I had this weird dream about Matt Kerr the other night..he was obsessively engaging in some sort of Aspergers like schizotypal computational frenzy of alien theorems which ultimately had no meaning. Occasionally he would look up with feint interest and proffer a vague megalomaniacal explication.

I think it was a metaphor about science being ultimately nihilistic and dangerously fascist with such smug self-satisfied blindered dogma.

Still can;t explain the Bing Bang though, assholes.

Or maybe it was just about Matt Kerr being a total nut.

I'm sure he's like a tenured prof somewhere making butloads of cash and alienating all his students. I should google that guy. He's cool.

What are you doing?

Steven LaRose said...

"Bing Bang"

Anonymous said...

Lots of our old suitemates are easy to find on the internet...they are well-represented in the sciences departments of prestigious universities.

As for me....long story! All the Hawaiian stereotypes are pretty much true, though. I'll drop you a line on your Blogger contact email....keep up the blog...I read it regularly, as my red dot from Kauai must show.

Helquin said...

There's a good chance your apparent Kansas contingent is Latitude 38, Longitude -97 -- the default location for a U.S. visitor from an unspecified city. It used to show up pretty frequently on my own SiteMap stats, making me wonder who in the heck in Kansas keeps coming back here? So I did a little research. Some gal has even posted pics of the cornfield & house at those coordinates, but I can't find the link tonight.

Jacques de Beaufort said...

andy-which stereotypes ? the one about spam maybe?

Helquin- that's trippy..maybe that's where god lives. The imagination runs wild.

Helquin said...

Heh. If so, god sure keeps the lawn tidy. I think it's the geographic center of the 48 contiguous states. That little dot on the rim of the Hudson Bay is an analogous representation for Canadian visitors of unspecified (or undisclosed) location.