Sunday, February 17, 2008

How Long Will This Go On ?

Cosmologists are now up to 11 dimensions, a couple of years ago it was just 10. Here's what happened:

It all sounds good...I guess. But doesn't it represent a certain hubris to suppose that one day we will some day be able to "figure it all out"? A constant and pervasive genuflection by theorists before the idea of "closure" or unification has concretized within the edifice of western scientism a tendency towards ever increasing abstraction. New solutions pop up to mend the leaks of old solutions. Even newer theories are proposed to tie together the loose ends of that very same theory. Although the multifarious nature of reality can sometimes be cornered in bits and pieces, the pith essence of being will remain quiescent and out of reach as long as human consciousness can only functionally operate within the 4 dimensions of space and time. Clearly this sort of state change is out of reach to a collective consciousness that remains mired in juvenile dualistic epistemologies. It might be the onus of cosmological theorists to first join with those who would offer to shatter the cultural operating systems that have written in their code a tendency towards the lumpen probity of Positivistic Materialism.

If the "enemy of my enemy" is my friend. I see the adumbration of an unlikely alliance between Cosmologists and Psychadelic Philosophers outlined in the etheric "branes" of M-Theory. Although I doubt we will find (or should even desire) the type of closure so hoped for by the egos of the great minds of Astro-Physics, we might succeed in the fructification of a consciousness that has abandoned the inculcation of Positivist value systems into it's cultural expressions, and therefore an openness towards non-linear thought might not be so inimical to the creation of a new civilization bereft of the blindered agenda of our current one track machinery. Sadly, it might be that the only sentience to fully grasp the nascent presentiments of an 11 dimensional universe is not a human one, but a cybernetic intelligence that we are now in the process of constructing a central nervous system for. The point to point singularities (end/beginning) that our human mind drifts towards in it's apperception of the infinte may in fact be a type of apophenia, or misapprehension of a phenomena that lies far beyond the pale machineries of our hominid brains.

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