Thursday, February 07, 2008

what is this ?


Steven LaRose said...

Look what I found:
"Today I was reading Dennis' recent post "About This Blog" which I immediately realized was an indirect commentary on Steven's recent post "A Post In Progress". And so I had to weigh in. I'm not interested in defining what's going on here, I'm not really even best guess is that it's an open scrapbook... I will say that I'm sortof glad that I'm out of that whole "ArtBlog" loop. Actually really glad. This is a blog by an artist, not a blog by a blogger. So it's a secondary activity..a sort of afterthought...I wouldn't even elevate it to the status of "bibliography"."

Steven LaRose said...

Oh and this too:

"the whole blogging scene might too often carry a whiff of desperation and frantic networking that reminds me of some lame product convention or a round of "Speed Dating" at the LAX Marriot. Which is not to say that a few worthy blogger/artists like LaRose don't rise above the compulsive mutual handshaking pathos so lucid in other corners of the blogosphere that I rarely bother with. Let's be serious here...I can't even imagine turning
to some online journal for help on how to be an artist. I mean...what"

Thanks Jacques, I would have missed this if not for a glance at Technorati, too bad it only clips what you wrote. I'm used to seeing or rather not seeing things on your blog as it pulses in and out of existence, but, of course, I want to read about me whenever possible, except now, I don't feel it would be appropriate to shake your hand in thanks.

Instead, I'll just give you one of those sideways shoulder hugs that people have been giving me lately. Somehow, they grab me while passing, effectively clamping my arms to my side and disabling any response on my part. Drive-by hugs. It is either a coincidence or maybe I have a (hitherto unknown) habit of pressing my pelvis on people.