Thursday, August 28, 2008




Steven LaRose said...

Now thats what I'm talking about. I want to get there in a couple of years.

CAP said...

Interesting, but could you show a little bit what it's a detail of, or how much of a detail it is?

I apologize for getting too poetic on the preceding thread. I'll play this one straight.

Steven LaRose said...

play who you are, your feet will always show it.

Jacques de Beaufort said...

you just gotta wait for more


btw Goebels would've been creaming his pants if he were at Invesco stadium last night.

That was some powerful shit man.

McCain doesn't have a chance in Rangerok if they keep pulling moves from that playbook. Not to mention the ubiquitous "Obey Obama" style posters that are plastered all over LA.

Images are powerful. We forget this sometimes.

Jacques de Beaufort said...

also CAP
a return to the academic system seems no more or less of a fascism than the current order.

It's just that one system is nihilistic and suicidal and the other isn't.

Plus if yoy have an academy again then you have something to rebel against.

Which makes me do you rebel against the milquetoast pantywaists that run the show now ? hmm... I guess by being competent and not bad on purpose (aka Conceptual). You bad little boy, you draw so bad. Look at you, bad little artist boy. Aren't you just precious in your suckiness. So smart. So clever.

Nothing is more contemptuous than the willful de-skilling that goes on in today's pathetic excuse for art schools. I know, I wasted a whole lot of my money at one. Now some bank owns my ass. They (artschools) more resemble ponzi schemes than places of actual learning. Unless you consider social climbing and the generation of faux prestige and institutional gloss a type of skill set that's necessary for art. Did Jimi Hendrix need a fucking MFA ?