Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Franz von Stuck

PhotobucketFranz von Stuck
Franz von Stuck, Sin, 1893


CAP said...

By The Detroit Cobras!

Frank Frazetta anyone?

Jacques de Beaufort said...

I love Frazetta

I should post him too, definately in the milieu

CAP said...

Just to totally deflate you - Zipthwung is also a huge fan of FF.

CAP said...

I'm also reminded of the films of Josef Von Sternberg - a rich source of symbolic imagery, ESPECIALLY for the femme fatale.

Not painting, obviously, but definitely painterly.

"Falling in love again..."

Jacques de Beaufort said...

zipthwung ?

some internet troll ?

Frazetta is pretty kitsch but it's brilliant kitsch

Is he any less serious than Jeff Koons...Damien Hirst ?

I think not