Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I just don't think about it.....


thesecretlivesofcats said...

I always thought Alex was his young lover addicted to computer drugs, but them someone pointed out that he was probably his son.

I guess many of us specialize in our professions and when we become the most celebrated figurative painter in a world that seems to value TV over art*, we realize that rendering good hands will not save the world...and our efforts may be lost.

*(althought I feel we have had an ecouraging return to formalism, involment and awaremess in the art field and the computer has something to do with it)

Part of me loves Theo's brother and what he does and the part of me thinks what's the point it's all going to get destroyed or wind up with Peter Ustinov and a bunch of cats anyway.

But that's just my "Chrismas Spirit Guide" talking and I know there's middle ground somewhere.

Jacques de Beaufort said...

Ustinov and that cats...is that from Logan's Run ?

I think that as Western Civilization declines, the art it produces will only get better. In the long shadow of Duchamp, everything has really just been a big joke, art as a spoiled child. Any claims it made to being some sort of social conscience or an edifying and enlightening growth medium of progressive ideas are laughable. Any meaning, spiritual or otherwise is always slaughtered by the market. In the end, the market slaughtered itself, Marxist conceptualists didn't have any part in it at all.

I expect art of the future to be a celebration of skill, mastery, craft, and the handmade. It will not make such obnoxious epistemic claims as it did in the 20th century, and be seen rightly as an attempt to synthesize order, meaning, and beauty through human activity.

Work that ends up being saved will have a very clear immediacy and formal visual interest. Probably about %1-%2 of what was made in the last 10 years will still exist in 150 years.

thesecretlivesofcats said...
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thesecretlivesofcats said...

Yes it is.

A lot of contemporary art may not be around in the future, but it's the thought that counts;P

I hear what you are saying.