Sunday, January 25, 2009



I keep finding Black Widows in the wire mesh of my studio door. I think I want to make a painting of one. Also I want to paint a skull. And also a bunch of other stuff that I won't post until it's done. I'm going through another "style change". Well, I guess not a style change, but just the exploration of a new idea with a different visual vocabulary. I have a huge amount of raw material, but just need time to get this new series off the ground. Not that I'm abandoning the old stuff...but we have to respond to the times we are living in, or else we are just cranking out product like some sort of Corporate Warholian Machine. 


Dominic Rivron said...

Like your spider photos. Interesting, thinking about style and idea. What is style, apart from what "comes out the other end" when we pursue our ideas?

Jacques de Beaufort said...

true enough

I think with this new series I'm going to experiment with a much more straightforward approach...
not as many bells and whistles
-but the new modality is part of the content.

style is sort of like the tone of voice we use when we speak.

Steven LaRose said...

One day this summer, while stopped at a traffic light, I felt a tickling through the hairs of my leg.

I took my eyes off the rearview mirror (I was talking to my daughter) and I glanced down at my left leg to see a waxy widow negotiating the jungle of my calf.

I screamed.

I brushed the alien off and onto the floor of the car. Quickly and with passion I STOMPED the insect with my right foot.

Adrenaline rushing through my body I neglected to realize that I had removed my foot from the brake pedal and we gently rear ended the car in front of us.

My daughter is all the while asking, "What happened? What happened?"

Long story short, I was so amped up that the guy I hit couldn't get away from me fast enough.