Sunday, March 22, 2009

Grizzly Bear-Knife


Jacques de Beaufort said...

thanks for the tip secretlivesofcats

Lance Michael Foster said...

I read your post on JMG's Archdruid blog and your comment caught my eye:

" As the ever expanding edifice of western scientism begins to crumble and dissolve beneath the weight of it's own hubris, the cognitive dissonance noted by Jacques Valle and others will likely disappear, and I'm sure we will be witness to a panoply of colorful entities in addition to the Grays....jinns, sprites, boulder-grinders, incubi, chupacbre....etc. Maybe metal men from the Modern Age..ghosts from the tin-machine. "

I would like to hear more about this...I have had this feeling too, though I didn't have an explanation for it exactly.

Jacques de Beaufort said...

Western Science actually has an occult dimension, but it's so abstract that it offers hardly any meaning for the subjective consciousness. I mean, how much do you wan't to know about the Higgs Boson particle ? Or the 11 dimensions of string theory ?

Nevertheless we have given science, particularly physics, an epistemological mantle to stand upon and with which to make ontological claims about the objective nature of reality. Science has accomplished this by virtue of all the beautiful toys it has laid at our feet, the modern technology with which we are so enraptured. But what kind of argument is this for truth ? If the medicine show is spectacular, does it follow that the snake oil will be too ?

Scientism is a religion, like any other belief system, and the materialist philosophy it is derived from views human experience as a "secondary quality" that is a mere epiphenomenon, or side affect. In this way all we experience that cannot be quantified with some sort of instrumentality is marginalized and argued against.

But what has science done ? Has the Age of Reason produced a millenial Utopia in which logic and techne have created a heaven on earth ? Quite the contrary, irrational forces have embedded themselves in the institution edifices that are now teetering on the brink of utter collapse. When this paradigm falls, a more shamanic or sacralized reality will surely be ascendent. And in this re-sacralized experience of reality, we may come to see the entelechies that heretofore have only been manifest as pale abstractions obfuscated with cognitive dissonance.

Dunno, that's my 2 -cents.