Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Studio Vérité: Carol Prusa

Studio Vérité: Carol Prusa from Jacques de Beaufort on Vimeo.
I interviewed Carol the week I was filming the last bit of SANCTUM and SACRUM and snuck away from building a giant fabric web installation to chat with her for the afternoon. I don't think I really had time to process the experience until I began editing, and it is only now that I can see Carol and her work, and how the person and the art fit together in a beautiful interlaced tapestry rich with meaning. Carol's "rigorous" Calvinistic upbringing reminds me of my own Dutch heritage (the "de Beaufort's" were French Huguenots living in Den Haag) and when I look at Carol I see her in a Frans Hals painting. More importantly I appreciate the idea of an artist that is always looking for the unknowns, even after she finds something precious....someone who is forever poking her head through the various membranes of determinism that a belief system, a religion, throws down around us like an iron curtain. And finally I see someone who is not afraid of allowing meaning to remain embedded in an artwork, shrouded in its own immanent mystery, defiant of our awkward attempts at corralling it into some sort of social agenda. If it is true that Beauty has become an act of defiance, then artists like Carol Prusa are the real rebels in the Artworld, and I'm only to happy to wave her flag here.

Studio Vérité

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colleen dougher said...

Great video! I enjoyed learning more about her incredibly detailed work.