Wednesday, August 28, 2013

the band in Heaven vs. Jacques de Beaufort

the band in Heaven - "Dandelion Wine" from ∆∆∆ on Vimeo.

the band in Heaven: High Low LIVE. 5.19.13 from ∆∆∆ on Vimeo.

the band in Heaven- "Does It Show" from UNIT1 media on Vimeo.

Symbols- "Rifle in the Pocket" from UNIT1 media on Vimeo.

Somehow in the past 6 months or so I ended up making 5 music videos or music video type things for the musical troupe known as "the band in Heaven" (including their dark brethren- "Symbols"). Here are 4 of these things...I'm not sure if my video womb for them is kicked yet, but we need to start fornicating in different positions I think.

lucky for you there's still one more baby in the bun-oven!! but you'll just have to wait!

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Alan said...

Great work on the videos Jacques !!!