Monday, December 02, 2013

upcoming show at UNIT 1

Lake Worth exhibition space UNIT 1 is pleased to announce:

Opening Reception for Exhibition 7:00pm-10:00pm December 14, 2013.

Musical Performances 10:00pm- 1:00am
Smith Sundy (acoustic set)

Hoping to capitalize unabashedly on the collective desire of regular folk to spend money on frivolous goods during the month of December, UNIT1 has assembled a group of art and artists that can satiate your need for buying stuff. Did you think that an avant-garde “project space” would be immune to the crass commercialism so hopelessly wedded to the fabric of our mainstream consumerist culture that causes ordinarily sane people to camp out for days outside Best Buy before turning into a stampeding mob frothing at the mouth for the new PlayStation 4? Well you thought wrong-in fact it is this very fabric that we wish to drape ourselves in, ensconcing in its silky soft profitability, luxuriating in the plush velvety texture of red dots on the wall and black-ink in the books.

Think of it this way, if you don’t have the requisite $142 million to buy a Francis Bacon triptych at auction, there’s probably going to be a drawing or collage with bacon in it…or at least some sort of depiction of an animal-to buy, and probably for around $142 dollars or less. And lots of people at the show will like Bacon, I mean who doesn’t? Why should owning original contemporary art be reserved for rich people with questionable taste? The answer is a resounding: “it’s NOT because there’s a great show coming up at UNIT1 and your question is really misleading in a rhetorical sense!”

So come one, come all-to the ridiculously titled show that this press release is for. Bring bacon. All works will be unframed original works on paper by local contemporary artists who are pretty rad, priced $25-$500. We got Art, you got Walls, let’s bring the universe into equilibrium. I’m selling everything on Etsy as a back-up plan.

Stick around after the art for a whole bunch of free music by some awesome bands! You can still buy art when the music show is going on, just tap me on the shoulder. I’m the guy with the hat and beard dressed in black who looks like an emo-Quaker .

Director UNIT1 exhibitions

Exhibiting artists:
Danielle Meeks, David Alan Sincavage, Don Fils, Freddy Jouwayed, Jacques de Beaufort, Nick Paliughi, Nune Asatryan, Paul Theodoris, Rebecca Swafford, Reinier Gamboa, Rolando Chang Barrero, Ryan McCauley, Sarah Arnold, Steev Rullman and MORE!

UNIT 1 is an exhibition space and independent media production company founded by Jacques de Beaufort. The gallery showcases artists in all media working in challenging forms that exist somewhere near the EDGE or beyond it. The space also hosts special events, film screenings, performances, and happenings driven by UNIT 1 participants and friends.

The gallery is open only during events and by appointment.

For more information visit and like Unit 1 on Facebook at

Contact: Jacques de Beaufort

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