Thursday, January 30, 2014

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UNIT 1 presents:
7:00pm-10:00pm February 15th, 2014
Musical Performances 10:00pm- 1:00am

Lake Worth exhibition space UNIT 1 is pleased to announce a solo exhibition by Juan Doncel to be followed by an album release party and performances by The Sunny Devilles and The Astrea Corporation. Astrea Corporation’s set will be filmed for release as a UNIT1 sessions video.

In his first solo exhibition, young Columbian-American painter Juan Doncel offers us an aspirational dream bristling with seductive color and swaggering bravado. Using vinyl stencils created with a custom built machine, Doncel’s paintings share a rudimentary aesthetic with stencil-based street art and graf- (Banksy, C125, and FinDaC) but because each painting is formed by the gradual accretion of obsessive layers of paint and vinyl, they shimmer with a quality that is best appreciated indoors and with good lighting-which truth be told, is where the money is.

Speaking of Money (the American kind), Doncel begins his trifecta with 3 large paintings inspired by the $100 bill in full color. I cannot imagine a better way to spend money than to buy a painting of it, and I’m sure Andy Warhol would agree. Plus, everyone knows that once you get the Money….well then you get the Women (except Warhol because he was gay)- and so it is only appropriate that Doncel has painted them as well. Six ravishing beauties to be exact- resplendent in full Indian Headdress lounging in the shadow of Mount Fuji (naturally).The sequence logically rounds out with a triptych featuring characters from Tarantino’s “Pulp Fiction”- which in many ways is the ultimate movie about  Money and to a lesser extent Women, but also really a movie about Fiction.

I think about Rococo paintings by Watteau or Fragonard when I think of my former student-now full grown artist-Juan Doncel. It's like the idle rich with their fluffy cotton candy clouds and flying babies have been replaced with call girls and well dressed gangsters on a mission to stack up those Benjamins. The thing shared is a reluctant subtext that acknowledges the tenuous fiction of a life lived in excess-it’s fleeting nature and empty glamour. This existential shadow lingers in the background of the work, but Doncel, like Tony Montana-is going for broke. With enough ingenuity and hustle, “The World is Yours”-and it’s in a gangster spirit that Doncel plays his game. I would buy all these paintings if I lived in a Miami penthouse and was dating coked out models and needed some art for my orgy room. But none of those things are applicable to me, which is why we are putting them up for sale here at UNIT1.

After I drop the work off, can I hang out a little?

Director UNIT1 exhibitions

Please join us after the opening reception for “In Search Of…” an album release party by The Sunny Devilles, and a performance by The Astrea Corporation which will be filmed for a UNIT1 session video.

UNIT 1 is an exhibition space and independent media production company founded by Jacques de Beaufort. The gallery showcases artists in all media working in challenging forms that exist somewhere near the EDGE or beyond it. The space also hosts special events, film screenings, performances, and happenings driven by UNIT 1 participants and friends.

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