Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Contenders

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Exhibition Detail
The Contenders
Curated by: Jacques de Beaufort
1202 Lucerne Avenue
Unit a
Lake Worth, Florida 33460

October 24th - November 22nd
October 24th 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM
untitled, Woody OthelloWoody Othello, untitled, 2014, mixed media
© Woody Othello
Other (outside main areas)
An exhibition of paintings, drawings, sculpture, and installation by 4 of South Florida's most exciting emerging artists.
Bjørn Davidson
Henriett Michel
Kandy Lopez
Woody Othello

musical guests

UNIT 1 presents:
The Contenders
7:00pm-12:00pm October 24, 2014

Lake Worth exhibition space UNIT 1 is pleased to announce The Contenders, an exciting show of painting, drawing, mixed media and sculpture by four of South Florida’s rising Artstars.

The artists in this exhibition have all recently risen to the top of the heap in various local exhibitions. Bold, accomplished, prolific-they are all well on their way towards the formation of unique artistic visions that touch upon a diverse range of stylistic and conceptual concerns-the unifying thread is the ferocity and power with which they are now executing this vision. In my mind, these four artists represent the Contenders for a “title”, and even though Art is a long and winding road with no real beginning, end, or rules of engagement-these are the four that I’d put in the ring if we were to imagine the art-game as an arena. In a sense, they all win because they are moving and effecting people with their work, and we win because we are here to witness it. But not everyone gets a prize for participation in the real world and there is no tension without the possibility of failure. I’m not worried though because whatever comes down the road for Woody Othello, Bjorn Davidson, Kandy Lopez, and Henriett Michel, I know they are all tough as nails and are all fighters who make sacrifices to realize their creative vision and will get up again and again if life plants a square one to their jaw. The best part will be when I get to brag that I showed them before their big solo show in New York. And then….I hope they don't forget the humble Artist/Impresario who put together this little fête in their honor. Remember the little people as we say.

Hope to see you at the fight, er, show! It’s gonna get bloody!

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Director UNIT1 exhibitions

UNIT 1 is an exhibition space and independent media production company founded by Jacques de Beaufort. The gallery showcases artists in all media working in challenging forms that exist somewhere near the EDGE or beyond it. The space also hosts special events, film screenings, performances, and happenings driven by UNIT 1 participants and friends.

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