Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Psychadelic KFC


Steven LaRose said...

Buy our dangerous drugs!
And take a load off.
You deserve a break today.
You're gonna die. .. so why not be cool and die while eating chicken.

chicken that hasn't had the chance to grow legs.
chicken with bloody cage beak.

That was the death convulsions of the SEARS catalog aesthetic.

Don't get me wrong, totally worth watching, thanks.

Jacques de Beaufort said...

it's like I'm not sure if they're selling a drug experience or chicken meat.

fastfood as hallucinogenic blissed out escape....

I so wan't to be in that hallucination chompin' on thighs with Colonel Sanders and his titanium mop. Then big bird walks in and turns into Ronald McDonald...we all take mushrooms and end up trapped in a bad trip scene from "Jacob's Ladder". Big Bird Ronald is strapped to a gurney next to me screaming as he's wheeled down a dark tunnel as strobes flash ...until finally we reach the light and emerge into a astroturf green paradise where the hambugrlers sit on toadstools and puff huge b-loads. I end up vomiting in Hershey river and wake up to the sound of one of the asshole kids outside my window talking about the Transformers movie.

The End

Steven LaRose said...

I was so un-impressed with "Jacob's Ladder". I saw the ending coming since I read that book in Jr. High about the soldier who gets hung and a whole extended life passes before his neck snaps. . . and then later, in college the same plot twist was in "The Pincher Martin" by William Golding. . .