Thursday, September 27, 2007



RichardTScott said...

You know, this reminds me of an etching by Paul Klee Two Men Meet Each Believing the Other to Be of Higher Rank.

Man often struggles for hierarchy in our society, but you would never observe in the animal kingdom, an instance where two creatures deferred hierarchy to each other. One would always assume the dominant posture.

Steven LaRose said...

In a similar vein, I lost interest and fast forwarded the clip hoping to find the ufo that would slice the giraffes heads off.

Alas and alacks,
we can learn a lots from
dogs and cats.

Paul Klee
is under rated

Helquin said...

I'm astonished to hear that Klee is underrated: he's one of my Top 10.

What does it mean that Blogger profiles ask for our favorite movies, music & books, but not our favorite painters?

Jacques de Beaufort said...

my favorite painter is me

..oh shit that's being a narcissistic praise junkie..

er.I mean Paul Klee